Lakeview Psychotherapy

Individual, Couple & Family Counselling

Devika Rooney, B Psych, MSW, RSW

Individual Counselling

I support individuals dealing with challenges such as anxiety, addictions, anger management, depression, divorce/separation, eating disorders, gender identity, low self-esteem, loneliness and other life stressors.

Couples Counselling

I assist couples struggling with affairs, communication difficulties, family pressures, fertility concerns, intimacy issues, inter-racial challenges, those who are contemplating separation or divorce and other relationship conflicts.

Family Counselling

I help families who are challenged with cultural changes, extended/blended family issues, life transitions, parenting concerns and other familial relationship conflicts. I also facilitate interventions with families when their loves are struggling with addictions and/or metal health issues.

Children and Adolescent

I work with children and adolescent who are experiencing challenges with anger, anxiety, bullying, depression, eating disorders, grief, poor confidence, school stress, and transitions, including puberty, LGBTQ2S+ concerns, parental separation and blended family dynamics.

Post Traumatic Stress/Trauma

I support people dealing with abuse, childhood trauma, domestic violence, first responder and veteran challenges, grief, motor vehicle collisions, sudden deaths, suicide, sexual assault, tragic accidents and workplace incidents.

Anti-discriminatory Practice/Systemic Oppression

I practice from an anti-discriminatory framework as this is consistent with my strong sense of social justice, fairness and equality for all peoples. I provide counselling support to a diverse population, including many oppressed client groups such as, people of colour; victims of crime; people who are cognitively, economically and physically challenged; LGBTQ2S+ identified; First Nations and Inuit.